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Below you will find some of my projects that I have worked on. While working on projects, I focus on pixel perfection and make sure it's satisfactory from the user's perspective. The process of creating every project starts with client's usage discussion, then research and wireframing and then developing the idea.

Gruham Studio

Gruham Studio is an architectural firm based in Jammu. They handle projects from residential houses to commercial restaurants and industrial dam.

The website uses Nextjs, which is a Reactjs framework as the frontend and Sanity headless CMS as the backend. The website is minimalistic, clean and blazingly fast.

Jammu Basket

Geo Fencing using Reactjs

My first Reactjs project. It's built using Reactjs and Leaflet with OpenStreetMap data for mapping. It's a project to find if two users are in the range of each other.

Geo Fencing App

Jammu Basket

Jammu Basket is a grocery eCommerce website where I worked with a team of 4 and did the frontend part of the project. Website uses handlebars for the frontend and Nodejs (Express, MongoDB) as the backend.

Jammu Basket

Titiksha 2020

I was in charge of development for the website for the technical fest of SMVD University. It uses Google Sheet API to handle registration with custom form. It uses dynamic.js and tinycolor.js to provide sick animations on custom created SVGs.


Punarjagran Samiti

This was a voluntary work for a Delhi, India based NGO which works for less privileged of the surrounding area. Website contains basic information about the NGO, a gallery to showcase their work, a contact page and donation details.


Tawi Mahal

This project was for a banquet hall in the Jammu City. The purpose of the website was for to show information regarding the services provided by the hall and provide a sheet where the visitors knows if the date for booking is available.

Tawi Mahal

About Me

I am a web developer with experience in working on projects ranging from NGO to ecommerce. I have also worked on projects for tech fest and Architectural firm.
Currently, I am working on improving my Javascript skills and also building experience in Reactjs and JAMStack.

My Technical Stats

Chrome DevTools
Adobe Ai
Adobe XD
VS Code

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